Who's that girl?

Who’s that girl?

Date: 23rd November 2177

Weather: Stormy.

Outfit: Full body armour and a new sniper rifle. We’re going in.

Mood: Determined. This is our chance, all we need to do is get into this oil rig, find what we’re looking for and get out. Samantha is somewhere in there and this is our chance to get her, and afterwards to get everything we ever wanted. So our job is simple: go in, kill, grab the target and get out. Just like Tunguska. Only this time I’m coming out with my team.

I’m writing this diary in the AV, heading out to some decrepit oil age factory called an “oil rig”, out somewhere near the crash zone. Not a lot of time left to record what happened in the last few days, when we’ve been so busy with preparation that I didn’t have time to write anything in what may be my last entry. We’re running low over the ocean, and so fast that everything behind us is a big plume of steam and broken waves, we’re going to get there soon and everything’s going to start, so I have to record this quickly.

So we were down in this underground bunker where biotechnica were up to some kind of mischief with human souls, and we beat this Russian guy Lazerev who’s part of a kind of famous mercenary team called The 55. I kept watch on him while Pops and Ghost searched the bunker, and he told me what happened before we got here. He was contacted for an urgent job and sent in to kill everyone in the bunker, but when he arrived there he found another team of mercenaries had already hit the place, and he had to fight them when he got in. They were already withdrawing though so he didn’t get to do much fighting, instead he did what he was told and killed the last few surviving scientists in the bunker – that’s what we saw when we came in, him and his team executing scientists. He also set up some systems that scrambled all the computer systems in the building. But then we hit, and in the battle we discovered that he was rigged to trigger a fusion reactor explosion as soon as he left – all his actions were just a cheap cover for the fact that he was going to unwittingly kill himself and destroy the whole facility and everything in it. Unfortunately for his employers we found the trick, and although he had already set up the systems that wiped the server, there were still other things we could investigate.

So while I sat there chatting with my hero Lazerev, Pops and Ghost were searching the base, and they found out some things. The centre of this weird spherical room was a smaller sphere that had obviously once held some kind of object, with some kind of research purpose, that had been ripped away – we guessed by the people who raided this place. The whole place was set up to pour huge amounts of energy into an object in the centre of the building, but when we investigated the place at the centre of the building it was obvious that something had been ripped out of that place. There was a lot of liquid ghost chalk here, and it seemed likely that whatever the machinery was, its purpose was the creation of ghost chalk. But whoever Lazerev had met had come in here and killed almost all the scientists, then stolen whatever was at the heart of this ghost chalk factory.

Lazerev didn’t care who stole whatever was there in the middle of the factory but we did. Ghost did some digging in what was left of the computer system, and Pops dug some cyberware and recording equipment out of the bodies of the dead, and then we left. We cut a deal with Lazerev to make sure his sniper friend Valentine didn’t wax us, and we all left with a good supply of ghost chalk to make sure no one left this little scenario out of pocket. With everyone satisfied their security and profit was ensured, we went our separate ways. The 55 went out through the pit but we left the way we had come, aiming to head out through the entrance we came in through because our time slot had not been used up.

Unfortunately whoever was guarding the entrance to this complex didn’t like that idea. As we were heading towards the main exit those anti-AV spider turrets began to stir to life, their legs moving and turrets swiveling to bear on us. Because Coyote was a basket case and Pops can’t drive to save his life, and Ghost was busy in the husk, it was me driving the Whaler as those turrets shifted position. I didn’t have any evidence but I got a strong feeling they were going to target us, so I hit the gas and hurled us out of there. I was right to be suspicious, because after just a few seconds the turrets opened fire. Mostly they missed but a fusillade of heavy weaponry did hit the aft of the whaler, smashing it so full of holes that it was essentially useless and also destroying our whole stock of ghost chalk. I hauled us into a sheltered spot where the turret couldn’t see us so we could mourn our losses and Ghost could hack the turret, and he set one turret firing at another, and made enough confusion so we could light out of there. I floored it and we barrelled out at maximum speed, but we still only just made it.

Those guards need medical attention, they were super paranoid!

The Young Woman and the Sea

So we got out and back to our base, and dug around in the neural ware that Pops had dug out of the dead scientists. Some contained video of the attack and we were able to see exactly what happened before The 55 arrived. A large gang of poorly dressed, rough-looking and wild people attacked, smashing into the facility in their armoured AV and then fighting their way inside. Some scientists formed a defensive squad but were soon overwhelmed, and then the ragged army pushed inward, killing everyone they met. Eventually they killed the source of our video, holding him down and shooting him in the forehead, but not before at the back of this brutal POV we saw a young woman, standing at the centre of the action and commanding her fellows. One look told us all we needed to know but we confirmed it with Alt: her long-lost sister Samantha was part of the raid.

Once Alt knew that she didn’t waste any time: we had to go find Samantha. We asked around about the other people in the video and soon learnt that they seemed to be a gang of pirates connected with an old, disused oil rig in the South China sea. We had our target and our goal. We started arranging an insertion driver, and gathering equipment.

So now here we are, speeding in in the AV. I’ve got a new, extra vicious sniper rifle and Coyote and Pops have extra grenades. We are heading for an oil rig that is famous for hosting pirates. Our job is to go in, kill anyone who resists, and either find out where Samantha is, or find Samantha. We think we’ll find Samantha, not just rumours of her. The AV is speeding across the ocean towards that rig. Everyone is quiet, because we know these people are pirates and there are lots of them but we’re going to do it. We go in soon. We’ll find here, or die trying…