This site is about fantasy role-playing and computer games. I am particularly interested in the development of  role-playing worlds and systems, and the relationship between the two. I am also interested in some of the cultural phenomena of role-playing, and what role-playing books and media can tell us about the world around us, about nerds, and about our current culture. Since no-one will read this, it hardly matters, but still, if one has an opinion…

12 Responses to “Writing… about role-playing?”

  1. Andy K Says:

    Heya, you probably saw my posts already on your Doublecross 3 threads. If you haven’t already, please join ! We’d love to have your insight, especially me, as DX is one of my favorite RPGs in concept and form.

    Plus, in one of the hidden-to-outsiders chats, we’re talking about a private translation for owners of the book:

    Andy K aka Diamond Sutra

  2. faustusnotes Says:

    Hi! I’d be interested in getting involved in your chat and forums, but I should warn you my Japanese really isn’t very good – I don’t know that I’d be much use. But I’ll toddle over and have a look!

  3. Scott Shafer Says:

    Where are you located in Japan? I have not had much luck trying to find local gamers in the Yokosuka are.

  4. faustusnotes Says:

    I’m in rural Japan, in Beppu in Kyushu. I found my players by searching online in Japanese. Maybe you need to search that way too. But in Yokosuka there is a marine base isn’t there? If so you should be able to find players through that world pretty easily if you can find a bulletin board of some sort.

  5. Scott Shafer Says:

    Its a Naval base. I’m a chaplain on a ship, but wanted to check out more of the local gaming scene.

  6. armor body Says:

    The text is jammbled is there something wrong with the site?

  7. Hello, faustusnotes –

    Perhaps I’m being clueless, but I was looking for contact info to send you a quick email. I pretty much just wanted to cite a couple of your blogposts (in my diss.), and was hoping to be able to use your real name. Would you be able to email it/message it to me, if that’s ok with you? Otherwise, I’ll just cite “faustusnotes” and my committee will roll its eyes all the more.

    The posts about post-scarcity in fantasy (I’m actually amazed by the extent to which D&D is based on the Protestant work ethic, as an aside) and women in TRPGs are especially strong.

    Many thanks.

  8. Claytonian Says:

    I don’t know how to contact you either. Let me just say that if you are ever up for gaming in Japan (including constacon-style stuff) shoot me a line!

  9. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out at: Permalink:
    I am always interested to see your posts as you have a unique approach.
    Thank you.

  10. faustusnotes Says:

    Thanks … hope I win!!

  11. You did by being nominated. Congrats.

  12. Phil Says:

    Why why helloooooo S.G! How are you?

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