I went to a Korean restaurant tonight, which was a bit of a disaster because I don’t know much about Korean food. The menu seemed to consist entirely of large bowls of spicy stuff (I got topkip, I think, rice cakes fried with onion and chilli in a chilli sauce, topped with chilli) or grilled meats. The grilled meat menu was extensive, but I didn’t want to go there. It was also a bit like looking at a butcher’s slab – there were Japanese descriptions of all the meats, and Japanese really doesn’t mess around with euphemisms when it comes to eating bits of a cow. They had “number three stomach” and “liver” and “number one stomach” and “small intestine,” so you knew exactly which bit of the inside of the cow you were getting. And there on the board, slap bang in front of me, was shikyu, 子宮, no mistaking it – uterus. Apparently it has a “light” flavour, and goes well with anything. And, unsurprisingly, it’s cheap – half the price of the cheapest bit of actual cow meat.

Could you eat uterus? Not in the “I was trapped in the amazon so I had to eat raw spiders” sense of “could.” I mean, casually, knowing what it is, on a Thursday evening in the city, when the menu also presents you with perfectly reasonable alternative meat-based options for a couple of dollars more. I vote “no” on the uterus question. How about you?