The Guardian today has a series of pictures from deserted buildings in Detroit, USA, where the economy (particularly, I suspect, the housing sector) has been slowly collapsing. These pictures are exactly how I imagine the world after a zombipocalypse. Who leaves a library deserted but full of books, except someone fleeing a zombie assault?

I think there’s probably a lot that could be said in connection with this about the decline of the US industrial working class, and the economic conditions that various powerful political interests have been willing to bring about in order to secure that collapse. Is the Zombie movie an allegory for this? Given I know nothing about the US, I can’t say… but it’s an interesting thought. One typically associates apocalyptic imagery with the cold war, but maybe there are other fears playing in the back of the movie-maker’s mind when, in producing a post-apocalyptic movie, they envisage the buildings of modern real-life Detroit?