The characters find themselves wondering at the many puzzles which present themselves, in light of both the recent attempt on their lives, and the unfinished matters from the last year of warfare and slaughter. There are some questions they need to have answered, and some things they might want to do…

  1. What is this Remade Infernal Assassin? Who sent it?
  2. Who was the Satanic figure they killed on the deck of the boat in Albany? What was he doing?
  3. What were the Irish doing with the Satanic figure from Newfoundland?
  4. What is really happening with Infernal Magic, and do the Indians have an insight not available in the Old World?
  5. Why were the Northwest Frontier Company, nominally British, helping Washington, and in such a nasty way? Money and power, or something more sinister?

To investigate these things, the characters can:

  1. Find an expert in Infernal Remaking, either in Montreal or in New York. The former will involve avoiding the attention of the French; the latter will require infiltrating the British forces in New York, where the characters are not popular
  2. For this the characters can visit Newfoundland, and try to find clues to the man’s real identity and purpose
  3. Though the characters may find answers to this in Newfoundland, they may need to go to Ireland or track down the remnants of the Irish forces in Montreal or New York
  4. The characters might be able to learn something from a spirit walk… or from a physical journey into the Black Hills, which hold powerful spirits that could help (or hinder!) the characters
  5. This would involve a trip to NW Frontier company headquarters in New York, and possibly elsewhere.

Note that some of these things can be done together, especially the tasks in Montreal or New York.

No doubt other distractions will arise in the course of the characters’ adventures. But if they select one of these paths, perhaps it will lead them somewhere useful…