The Guardian has a Friday article about which computer game its readers would most like to see deleted from History.

Amusing points from this article:

  1. a surprising number of people hate Halo
  2. Guardian readers say really nasty things about people they don’t like
  3. WoW is seen by some commenters as a nasty influence on computer games generally.

I particularly like this quote:

If WOW was removed from history I’d have about 2400 hours of life back, which I could use to learn to paint, play piano to a high standard, travel the world, write a novel etc. But I’d probably spend it playing Eve Online or something.

It shows how much time people burn on these games… still I’m sure it’s better than spending that time in front of a TV.

Also I like the commenter who thinks the Final Fantasy series should be deleted, just in order to prevent Sephiroth Cos-players. I don’t have a theory on deleting games, but I would certainly say not to delete Freedom Force, Baldur’s Gate 2, or Halo. I definitely disagree about Halo, sure it was just a FPS but it made up in atmosphere and beauty for what it lacked in depth.