What follows is some background material related to session 10 of the current section of the Compromise and Conceit campaign. Essentially, it is the result of interrogating la Belle Dame sans Merci and a single Irish mercenary.

Answers to questions: la belle dame sans Merci

French plans

  • The French are helping the colonials in order to destabilize America and create trouble for the British
  • America is a testing ground for new Infernal technology
  • La Belle Dame facilitates the trade of essentials between the colonials and the French
  • The French primarily provide low-grade weapons, money and raw materials to the colonials through traders like foul-mouthed Jacques
  • The French also provide access to high-grade new Infernal technology through the NWFC
  • The genocide plan at Delaware was not French (la Belle Dame clearly considers this plan distasteful) but was the idea of the colonials around Washington, and the NWFC, which is attempting to clear Delaware lands for its own dubious purposesGenocide of natives in British America strengthens French relations with the natives of New France, which comparatively treats its natives very well.
  • The French think British colonial philosophy is entirely wrong, being brutal and uncompromising, and they think it will always fail. They are happy to encourage the colonials and the British in their foolish conflict, because while they are divided against each other and treat the natives poorly, they are guaranteed to lose America, which will make the French wealthier, and their position in America stronger

The Arrangement with the North West Frontier Company

  • The North West Frontier Company  (NWFC) is developing a variety of new infernal technology with the help of the French
  • Primarily the NWFC are doing this because they don’t believe Britain can keep a grip on North America in the long term, and they would prefer the colonials and/or the French to take on North America than the Indians
  • The French and the Colonials are negotiating for the NWFC to gain a large stretch of land, probably in Delaware, as sovereign territory in exchange for their help
  • The NWFC partially bank rolls the colonial acquisition of infernal technology. Partly they do this so they can test their new inventions, but also partly they do it so that they can guarantee the colonials remain wedded to infernal technology
  • There are elements in the colonial leadership – particularly in more rural areas –  who are opposed to infernalism in its most naked forms. The NWFC aims to destroy these peoples’ influence through feeding the other factions – particularly those around Washington – with powerful new infernal inventions
  • Part of the cost of these developments is defrayed by the French, who get to share the technology once it is developed
  • The French also have their own equivalent company to the NWFC, the Hudson Bay Company (the HBC), but they don’t want to involve the HBC in these actions because
    1. It would make their seditious activity more obvious, since the HBC isn’t very active in English lands, usually
    2. The French consider this sort of dirty behaviour beneath their own companies, and particularly odious things like the genocide in Delaware are best left to companies “with the moral fibre for that sort of thing” – i.e. British companies
    3. If the activities of the NWFC were uncovered, a conspiracy linking them to the French would not necessarily be obvious
  • La Belle dame sans Merci chiefly dealt with the NWFC through foul-mouthed Jacques, but she also has had dealings with Madame Custis for some more delicate matters.

The arrangement with the Irish

This is strictly no business of the French. La Belle dame sans Merci didn’t even know there were Irish mercenaries involved in her rescue until she heard them speaking – and even then she thought they were Scottish (no offence).

Where was she going?

To a small beach called Stoneforge, to be picked up by the French Corvette Unfortunate lapse of Discipline. From there, to return to a much-needed retirement in France.

What is a corvette?

A small, lightly armed ship of modern design that skims over the water.

Answers to questions: the Irish Mercenary

  • The Irish mercenary (Danny) was hired in New York 6 months ago
  • The company he works for, The New Shadow Army, is run by a rich Irish businessman based in a small independent island in Newfoundland
  • No-one knows why he is in Newfoundland, but presumably he is an exile from Ireland. No-one knows how he makes his money or why he supports the colonials
  • Currently, most of the New Shadow Army is working for the colonials in security roles, except those guarding the island
  • Soldiers of the New Shadow Army can be ransomed back to their employer, though Danny is only worth 50 gps.