There has been some talk on other blogs of the benefits of class vs. classlessness (in character creation of course) in RPG systems, to which I would like to contribute by presenting an example of an enchantress developed using a classless system. Here is Anna Labrousse at her current level (6) from the Compromise and Conceit game.

Anna Labrousse: Level 6

Ability Scores

Strength -2, Dexterity 0, Constitution 0, Intelligence +3, Wisdom -1, Charisma +3

Class Skills

Spellcraft +12, Concentration +6, Social +9, Perception +3, Presence +8

Non-class skills

Reflexes +4, Fortitude +4, Attack (Missile) +0, Attack (Melee) -2, Knowledge(Arcane) +4, Will +0


Major Spell-casting (Regency School); Adventurer (+1 fortitude and perception); Powerful Voice (3/day suggestion effect, presence vs. will);  Supernatural Calm (+2 Presence); Proficiencies (Infernal weapon and Infernal Armour); Alertness (check for secret doors automatically within 3m); Combat casting (make concentration checks to cast spells in combat)


Spell Name DC Note
The Garden of Proserpine 19+1 per additional target Range 10m; puts target to sleep for 1rd/pt of success; vs. will
Moll’s Cunning 20 Range self; disguises Anna as someone else for 1 hour per point of success
Bosch’s Folly 16+1 per lvl of creature Summons a single monster for 1 rd/pt of success
Honour of the King 17 Increases Anna’s presence by +2 for 1 rd/pt of success
Spellbinding 21+1 per additional creature Range 10m;Paralyses target for 1 rd. per point of success; vs. will
Milton’s Grace 19 Increases target’s reflexes and will by +2 for 1 rd/pt of success. Range: touch.
Grendel’s Demise 24 Rips of target’s arm. Vs. Fortitude

Weapons and Armour

Infernal Webbing (Damage Reduction 2, no activity penalty)

Native Coup-belt (Damage Reduction +1)

Infernal Pistol (Max. wounds 1, critical 20/+1, range 10m, ignores armour)

Confustor Field Rod (Range 10m, DC 10 ranged touch, DC 17 fortitude save, 3m radius effect, 10 charges)