Apparently Ian Livingstone has written a new Fighting Fantasy! adventure, entitled Blood of the Zombies. How appropriate! I discovered this fact through an article in the Guardian, which includes a suggestion that it will be mostly snapped up by 38 year old nerds reliving their childhood. Well, wrong, Grauniad! I turn 39 in a week!

The article also contains a link to the entertaining site You Chose Wrong, which gives examples of entertaining death scenes from a wide range of choose your own adventures. I never realized they were so popular – GI Joe ones and fairy adventure ones and all manner of comic-based ones! There’s even a web-based Greek Default choose your own adventure, which is quite entertaining to play. They all have in common a wide range of grisly endings (though at least there’s a chance you can win Fighting Fantasy!, not so likely for the Greek Default adventure…)

Since it’s my birthday next week I might buy this for myself. And I think Noisms at Monsters and Manuals should run us through it