This weekend all atomic clocks will add an extra second of time to keep track of … something. This is cool! I’m moving house on Sunday, I could use the extra second of sleep. The Guardian reports on the issue, and some of the commenters provide some excellent examples of a healthy cynicism towards science.

Asks Easilylead:

Do we all have to take the extra second at the same time, or can we save it for when we need it?

Following this (almost immediately) TheAdulteratedCat shows that there is no law of the universe that humans haven’t learnt to rort the moment it’s written. In response to Easilylead, TheAdulteratedCat asks

You mean like you can claim it if you’re about to be hit by a bus?

I think we can all agree that would be awesome, like the universe delivering everyone on earth a single fortune point through the dipole moment effect of gravity, or something. Thanks, God! But tipatina is clued up to the obvious social justice issues attached to this time change:

i hope the unions make sure we get paid for this extra second… if not i say we strike for two seconds…who’s with me

A valid point, I’m sure we can agree, though I don’t know if I can make it to the barricades in two seconds. But this extra second doesn’t just manifest as an issue in economic relations: consistent with basic feminist doctrine, we need to recognize that all political issues start in the bedroom, and WhatsMyPoint has his eye on the feminist implications of the moment:

The Mrs is in for a treat 🙂 Reckon I can just about last that!

The world will definitely be partying for that extra second … unless you’re an elite athlete:

Could we add the extra second during the 100m final at the Olympics to slow down Usain Bolt? Or would that speed him up?

Sadly for newlaplandes, the olympics won’t be held at midnight tomorrow night.

Finally, however, VSLVSL nails it:


That bastard! I bet he’d tax our extra second if he could!