Diary entry: Father David Cantrus, September 1755

Written by one of my players (and regular commenter), Paul.

Dear Diary…

We returned to Albany after killing the messenger to find that Washington’s followers had taken over part of the town and were being hemmed in by our followers and the English. They controlled access to the downstream river and were going to get reinforcements in about 2 days. Washington had been leading repeated attempts to break through to the docks, where he would have expected the amulets to be. This is in contrast to the were they actually were – being worn by our colonial allies and their families. After a comparatively short planning session we let Russell attempt to convince the English leader to assist with a plan (largely on the basis of we thought that convincing the inbred idiot wouldn’t work anyway). The result was a resounding success (a roll of 00) and talk of field promotions for Russell.

The plan was duly implemented, English feigning a retreat to allow Washington to pass before cutting behind him to remove his allies. Most of us were lurking in secret around Washington’s presumed target, save Russell drinking in the middle of the street. After several hours of fighting occurring in the distance, we managed to notice that the sky had been turning an Infernal red for several hours, right before Washington, his sidekick Williamson and his little dog were upon us. Battle was joined with huge amounts of firepower being poured onto Washington’s dog by everyone, on the basis that Russell was toast if this didn’t happen. Despite an excellent start in getting rid of Old Yella via ranged attacks and summoned demons, we were blindsided by a hidden Madam Custis, who inflicted the second de-arming on the group by successfully targeting Brian, removing him from the fight. We rallied and expressed our outrage at this offence by first having fellow one-arm Cantrus channel his hatred of that spell into stunning the heartless woman, then having David Black graphically demonstrate how, if cutting people into parts, you can do it thoroughly with a sneak attack that left the b*tch scattered across upper western Albany.

With some measure of revenge extracted for the inferior quality booze we were served at her party, we rounded back onto Washington and Williamson. Despite some heavy performance enhancing drug usage (giving her 2 attacks a round and immunity to fatigue), Anna LaBruce was unable to rip any villain’s arm from them. In the chaos of the melee around the dog, Russell seized the opportunity to move towards Washington to engage him directly. This stage of the fight ended when we caught a break with Fr Cantrus exposing himself to the remaining blackguards and stunning them (“Reveal the Spirit” has now been renamed to “Hung like a Horse”).

As we prepared for the celebratory slaughter of helpless foes and the now standard healing of Brian, Washington surprised us by vanishing from sight. Black’s rapid mind reading of the overwhelmed Williamson didn’t point to his location and we started to make alternative plans to track him (after killing Williamson). To the parties great fortune (though not Anna LaBrousse’s), Washington had not gone far and re-emerged from hiding to attempt to gank Anna. Fortune favoured the beautiful over the bold though as he inflicted only minor damage and Anna snatched breathing space by summoning a demon to engage him. Meanwhile the rest of the party made haste to engage the cur and Fr David sent an (immediately dismissed) Angel of Death to attempt to gather Washington up.

The final round of combat saw us facing Washington on a leaky fishing smack, 5 party members (sans Brian) against Washington and his re-summoned b*tch. Some inconclusive exchanges later, Anna abandoned trying to rip Washington apart and simply sent him to dream with Morpheus. 1 action later David Black re-routed Washington’s course to a form of more permanent sleep and our greatest adversary was naught but assembled body parts under heavy guard (to prevent any attempted resurrection) or hungry mouth (we wanted to get Brian’s health back up).

Even with the foe laid low we still faced the darkening of the skies, so made away to a Church to endeavour to parley with Washington’s departed soul. The unctuous priest there was unable to assist, reporting that dear George’s soul was held in the depths of Hell and would not be yielded up for the answers we sought to tear from him.

Hope seemly gone we left the church to find a familiar, dinner jacketed man (he’s a man of wealth and taste) riding a man o’ war up the river, firing indiscriminately onto all in sight, even as a dark mass of foul spirits massed outside town and began to fatally flow through all ranks un-protected by our stolen amulets. In a last roll of the dice we took ship and directed our trajector to target for the stone so wisely given to the evil opposing us and two true shots ended the water bore villainy. Simultaneously, allied Indians returned to Albany, immune to the dark spirits’ touch of death and ripping native justice through the unnatural night’s black magic. Magua and the Prophet saved the remnants of the British and Washington-allied colonials.

After that, assorted mopping up occurred, including marvelling over Washington’s equipment and stats, David Black donning a dinner jacket and taking a stand at the bow of the man o’ war (so it’s true that evil is eternal) and hearing reports that the death spirits had attacked across the continent, but been repelled by Indian forces, who had established their place as the greatest power in the land. Apparently the “ghost dance” they had departed to engage in some weeks earlier had been preparation for this very battle, showing in deed the truth of The Prophet’s name, and perhaps indicating that he had seen a use for the characters since the very beginning…