A few months ago I had a weird run-in with a DM, which I blogged about, most annoying it was too. It happened in a pub in South London, so I never went back to the group that plays there.

Since then I have had two more moments of trouble at the role-playing club where I play, and I have been forced to conclude that while meeting role-players in a pub is a really good way to avoid having arseholes come to your house, it’s a really good way to meet arseholes. It would also appear that role-playing is going through a bit of a renaissance in London at the moment – our club has become so busy that they’ve had to split over multiple nights, and it is still really really noisy, with maybe 30 people upstairs in the venue (which has no aircon, and in winter has all the windows closed… hmmm, stuffy role-player-boy smells…)

If you can imagine the scenario of 30 people yelling for attention, while drunk, in a stuffy room, and then throw into the mix a really frustrating player who can’t pay attention, doesn’t ever remember any names or details, continually texts his mates on his phone, and interrupts every description or conversation to talk about something that happened 5 minutes ago (which he genuinely seems to think is still happening) you can well imagine that playing was getting frustrating. So last week we cut loose the frustrating player, and decided to move to someone’s house. Last night we played, it was quiet and calm and pleasant, and it was soooooooo fun.

I’ve got a real role-playing group back! It’s great!!!