I’m currently watching the latest season of Dexter, and as we were watching my partner suggested that it would be excellent to see an episode of either show in which Dexter visits New York (or vice versa). Perhaps he is chasing a serial killer operating in NY, or perhaps the Miami police have to go to New York on some task. Or vice versa. Some fun aspects of such an episode:

  • Deborah Morgan would be competing with Kate Beckett to solve the case; both of them would, of course, be competing with Dexter. How would Beckett handle Morgan? How would Morgan view Beckett?
  • Castle is very fond of making wild conspiracy theories: the whole episode/sequence could run with him consistently treating the truth about Dexter as a conspiracy theory to explain the weird events of the case; but of course everyone is laughing it off
  • Esposito could figure out how dangerous Dexter really is, but no one (except Castle!) believes him
  • Castle finds out the truth, and confronts Dexter
  • The story could be played in both TV series, so we see it from Castle/Beckett’s point of view and from Dexter/Deborah’s point of view.
  • There could be a spin-off where, having identified Dexter, Castle conceives of a new series of popular novels about a serial killer with a conscience, and moves to Florida for a year to become Dexter’s shadow instead of Beckett’s
  • Or better still, Beckett’s lieutenant palms Castle off onto Miami, and he spends a whole season tracking the Miami metro homicide squad, getting closer and closer to uncovering the truth about Dexter …
  • And, the novel Castle writes is called Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Of course such an idea is just silly. But I think it would be pretty funny.