My post on how I don’t like 4th edition D&D (apparently I mustn’t call it AD&D anymore!) was reddited a few months back and has received 4 comments, the last of which claims that I don’t know what I’m talking about because “There’s no Orc race in 4e”. Now, this is very hard for me to believe because Orcs are the meat and drink of D&D (how else would we get our genocidal mojo on?), and if there were no Orc race there would be 6 million generations of pissed off D&D fans (can you imagine the emo-style whingeing that would evoke?)

But more importantly, I was there and I played it and there were Orcs. Now I don’t recall if they were officially Orcs or not but I definitely played one – and then I definitely slew some. That was the whole point of the two sessions I played. I have references, dammit (but they’re mad, and Scottish, so I don’t want to actually use them, so don’t ask for them). I don’t know for sure if the game I played was part of an official module or not (I get a sense it might have been but I wasn’t the DM so I don’t know).

But here’s the weirdness – I google 4e Orc and I can’t find much info, when I do a search on the D&D website I don’t get any 4e info (but then, there doesn’t seem to be any 4e info on the website, it’s all legacy stuff), but I do find references to half-Orcs.  You can’t get a half-Orc without the assistance of an Orc (yuck). But on DeviantArt there are pictures of 4e Orcs selling for 200 pounds. So what gives – do they exist or not?

And if there are no Orcs, is D&D still D&D? What do 1st level characters cut their teeth on?

It’s still boring though…